Japanese Art Crafts 

This website carefully selects products that are especially popular among overseas customers among Japanese traditional crafts, lacquerware, which is known as "JAPAN" in English.


In recent years, there has been a lot of inbound demand for lacquerware, and by utilizing our know-how, we have been able to make it a very popular gift for international exchange, especially for overseas companies (business partners), homesteads, and universities.


We have a wide range of products such as fountain pens for daily use, interior goods and stationery with maki-e decoration, etc. We have the best selection of traditional crafts based on our long experience and know-how. Please take a look and make use of our products. 

Ranking for overseas inbound No.1

Lacquer Art Pen


Ranking for overseas inbound No.2

Lacquer Art Mirror


Ranking for overseas inbound No.3

Lacquer Picture Frame